Saturn South Energy Management

About Saturn South

Saturn South is an electronics manufacturer specializing in circuit and appliance-level switching and metering solutions.

Formed by a team experienced in the design and manufacture of power systems, embedded electronics, and control equipment, Saturn South endeavours to deliver innovative solutions to Energy Services industries.

Based in Tasmania, Australia, Saturn South works closely with its Industry and Government Partners to develop energy management products for the national and global market.


  • Saturn South is engaged in co-development efforts with:
  • + HabiDapt, providing home energy management and demand management services through its Eddy platform.
  • + Object Consulting, a leader in high quality, innovative enterprise business solutions including the Our Green Home sustainability management platform.
  • + Hydro Tasmania, Australia's leading renewable energy business.
  • + Entura, One of the world's most experienced specialist power and water consulting firms.
  • + The CSIRO's Energy Transformed flagship.
  • + e*star, developing energy management tools for residential and commercial building management.

  • Saturn South is an Adopter Member of the ZigBee Alliance.
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